St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

كنيسةُ القِدِّيسِ جَاورجِيُوسَ الَأنطَاكِيَّة للرُّومِ الأُرْثُوذُكسِ في جَاكسِنْفل فلُوريدا

Cheese Fare Sunday

 Tone 4          Eothinon 4

 Epistle: Rom. 13:11-14:4

Gospel: Matthew 6:14-21



February 18h , 2018

Sweets Host – Sunday February 18th, 2018

Dr. David & Tania Hanania

Hanania Hanania

Jamal & Naeemeh Hanania

Musa & Hind Hanania






2018 Annual Home blessing:
Father Kamal has begun blessing homes and businesses. If you are interested in having your home/business blessed, please Call the church office , to schedule an appointment with Fr. Kamal.


 Bible Study Classes will begin on Wednesday Feb. 14th and will continue  on the 2nd and the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Wed. Feb. 28th : Bible Study Class @ 6:30p.m.

¨ Great Lent officially begins on Monday February 19th, 2018


Evening Services During Great Lent:

Wed. Feb. 21st @7:00PM : Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.

Fri. Feb.23rd @7:00PM :1st Akathist ( Madayeh)  Service

Mon. Feb. 26th @ 7:00PM :  The Great Compline Service
Friday March 2nd @7:00PM: 2nd Akathist ( Madayeh) Service


2018 Sunday Bulletin Ads

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: It’s time again to renew the Ads which appear in the Sunday Bulletin each week. For those who already advertise: “thank you”! You will receive your reminder letter this week, if you haven't already. For those who haven’t advertised with us before: here’ your chance!

Sizes & cost for one full year of advertising:

1/4 page Ad : $300.00         1/2 page Ad: $500.00
full page Ad: $1,000.00


If you are interested in placing an Ad, please call the Church office during  regular business hours and we will be happy to mail a form to you.   Don’t forget that your Ad is fully Tax Deductible! *


Preparing for Lent - Spiritual Fasting

We should mention that fasting in the Orthodox Church has two aspects: physical and spiritual. The first one implies abstinence from rich food, such as dairy products, eggs and all kinds of meat. Spiritual fasting consists in abstinence from evil thoughts, desires, and deeds. The main purpose of fasting is to gain mastery over oneself and to conquer the passions of the flesh. It is to liberate oneself from dependence on the things of this world in order to concentrate on the things of the Kingdom of God. It is to give power to the soul so that it would not yield to temptation and sin. According to St. Seraphim, fasting is an “indispensable means” of gaining the fruit of the Holy Spirit in one’s life, and Jesus Himself taught that some forms of evil cannot be conquered without it. When the Apostles failed to heal a sick and suffering child, Christ explained that, “This kind (meaning devil) can come out only by prayer and fasting.” (Matt. 12:21) Commenting on this St. John Chrysostom said: “That these are like two wings that carry a person to the heights of God.”



 Holy Bread of Oblation for 

Sunday February 18th, 2018.

1.  In loving memory of Kay Kassees (40 Day Obs.), offered by her  children and their families. May her memory be eternal.

2. For the health and spiritual welfare of Jamal and Suzan Hanania, offered by Jamal and Naeemeh Hanania and family. 

3. For the health and spiritual welfare of  Jamal & Nareman Gazaleh and their children, offered by Jamal & Nareman Gazaleh.
4. For the health and spiritual welfare of  Frank & Debbie Gazaleh and their family, offered by Frank & Debbie Gazaleh.

5. For the health and spiritual welfare of  Buddy & Cindy Gazaleh and their children, offered by Buddy & Cindy Gazaleh.
6. For the health and spiritual welfare of  Suad Akel and her children, offered by Suad Akel.

 7. In loving memory of Said Farhat ( 8 yrs.), offered by Hilweh Farhat and  her children. May his  memory be eternal.


Newborn Baby Girl

Congratulations Robert & Cassie Mousa on the birth

of your new baby girl; 

“Lilia Catherine Mousa”

 Who was born on Sunday January 28th, 2018.

May the Lord God shower the newborn baby girl and her
Loving parents with good health, prosperity, and long life.




As many as have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ”  


Congratulations Maher & Dounia Mabardi  on the baptism of your son;

                   “Alexander Paul Mabardi”

who was baptized at our Church on Saturday February 3rd, 2018.


The Proud Godparents are:
Mrs. Abeer (Mouded) Samara and Mr. Samer Hamwi

We pray to the Almighty God to direct the newly illuminated child so that he may keep his baptismal garment undefiled and that the Holy Spirit which he received, will produce much of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in  her life.  Many Years!


As Orthodox Christians, we ought to take great delight in presenting the Church building as a well-kept and loving offering to the Lord. Do you agree that the Church ought to directly reflect our honor and respect towards the   Lord   God     Himself?        If we are to say that we revere Our God and Savior as well as His Holy Temple,  then our actions must emulate that:


In the Church: please do not leave tissues, paper or other garbage in the pews - dispose of it properly. Be sure to gather all belongings when leaving your pew and be mindful of crumbs from the Holy Bread.


►In the Cry Room: Parents, please watch your children! Absolutely no writing on the wall. Kids should never be left unattended in the crying room; parents must be with them at all times. The cry room is not a play room. It is a place for you to pray and calm your child when he/she becomes fussy. Also note that the Bridal Room is for weddings. No children, please. A general good rule to follow, parents: Children should not be in the church unsupervised at all.


►In the Church Hall:  Please clean up after yourself. It’s very simple and it only takes a few seconds. We kindly ask that you utilize one of the 3 trash cans available to you in the Church Hall to throw away your cups of coffee/juice, plates from any sweets offered and any napkins or silverware. If you do not chip in & help, it is left for just a couple of ladies to clean up after the whole congregation. We don’t want to do that to our beloved Ladies! One last note: please handle the  chairs in Church hall with care.


►If you bring sweets: It’s not required that the sweets you offer are homemade. However, if you chose to bring sweets from the store/bakery, please take a moment to arrange them nicely for your brothers and sisters in Christ. If you have brought a plate from home, don’t forget to take it with you, when you leave.


Inspiration for Christian Living

Orthodox Journey into Lent – Part Four
             Seven weeks before Pascha, Lent begins in earnest. This is called "Cheesefare Sunday," and from now until Pascha we will abstain from meat, fish, and dairy products. At the evening Vespers service we trade the bright chant melodies for more sober ones, and say the prayer of Ephrem the Syrian, a fourth century hermit: "O Lord and Master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, faint-heartedness, lust of power, and idle talk."

If you were in our church on this Sunday evening you would see us fall to our knees and then place the palms of our hands on the floor, and touch our foreheads down between them. This is called "making a prostration." You may have seen

Muslims praying this way toward Mecca. However, this traditional Middle Eastern worship expression was used by Christians for centuries before the founding of Islam

Sunday Servers

Holy Bread of Oblation

Epistle Readers:

English: Helen tannous
Arabic: George Baghdan

Tray Collection:

Dr. Ramsey & Sally Salem

Jeremey & Sandy Salem


Sam Kalil & Dr. Jimmy Farah

Altar Servers:
Sbdn. Nadeem Tannous,

Matthew Mousa,  Sam Awwad, Khalil Farhat,  Bader Bajalia, Timothy Conner, Jamil & Jean Fayad,  Dominic & Nicholas Joseph, Jackson Salem & Nicholas Odeh.