St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Fathers of 7th Ecumenical Council

Tone 3            Eoth. 9

 Epistle: Titus 3:8-15

Gospel: Luke 8:5-15



Sunday October 14th

Epistle Readers:

English: Bader Bajalia

Arabic: George Baghdan 


Tray Collection:

Miriam Alrahil& Alyssa Lotfi

Sarah Salloum & Almar Ghanem

Nicholas & Dominic Joseph

 Altar Servers:

 Sam Awwad, Khalil Farhat,  Bader Bajalia, Timothy Conner, Jamil & Jean Fayad,  Dominic & Nicholas Joseph,  Jacob & Anthony Akel, Nicholas & Anthony Odeh, Michael Fakhouri & Jad Butrus. 

2018 Church Renovation

All pews have been Sponsored

Glory Be To God !

Please Note: To all those who did not pay yet for their pew,  Please submit your payment as soon as possible.

Payment for a regular size pew is $1,000 each  

We have  a total of 38 pews in church   

Payment for a Long size pew is $1,200 each 

we have a total of 6 pews

Two Atlar  pews are  $ 500 each

Two pews in the crying room are $750.00 each 

Payment Method:

Checks payable to St. George Church

Due Now

Please Save The Date for

Saturday October 20th- 4:30AM –7:00PM

“Trunk & Treat”


 Hosted by Young Adult Ministry 

Holy Bread of Oblation

كنيسةُ القِدِّيسِ جَاورجِيُوسَ الَأنطَاكِيَّة للرُّومِ الأُرْثُوذُكسِ في جَاكسِنْفل فلُوريدا

  Sunday October 14th

 1. In loving memory of Milad M. Bitar

(9 Day Obs), offered by Badia Bitar, her children and their families. May his memory be eternal.
2. In loving memory of Isaac Akel (8 yrs), offered by Vicki Akel and her children.  May his memory be eternal.

 3. For the health and spiritual welfare of Edward and Ida Khoury and family, offered by Edward and Ida Khoury.

4. For the health and spiritual welfare of  Issa and Afaf Kassis and their children, offered by Issa and Afaf Kassis.

5. For the health and spiritual welfare of Kathy Kassees and family, offered by Kathy Kassees.

Sweet Hosts - Sunday October 14th

Miriam Alrahil

Almar Ghanem

Alyssa Lotfi

Bader & Brianna Bajalia


Weekly Bulletin Highlights 

October is

“TEEN SOYO” Month !


“Special Tray”.  Please use your Blue  Envelope Mark “Seminary”

Tuesday Oct.16th: Ladies Auxiliary Meeting @6:30PM

 Tuesday Oct. 23rd: Parish Council Meeting @6:30 PM


Saturday Nov. 10th

Grand Banquet and Dance

Please join us as we celebrate
Twenty years of Ministry 
at our Church on Bowden Rd.

  (Nov 1998– Nov 2018) 

Where: Ramallah American Club

Presiding Bishop

His Grace Bishop Nicholas Ozone
Of Miami and the Southeast

6:30pm ~ Cocktails & Appetizers
7:00pm ~ Dinner and Dance

Adult Reception 

 Donation: $75.00 per person
Payable to St. George Orthodox Church

Tickets are  ON SALE   now every 

 Sunday  in the church hall.

Assigned Banquet Seating

First-Come, First-Served.

Please note  that you cannot reserve your seat  table until payment is made.